’s online training courses are designed to be taken in sequence. The first element for consideration is ‘The Framework of Emotional Competence’. This will focus on Self Awareness, Self Regulation, Personal Competence, and Motivation. Next you will proceed to the ‘Basic Elements of Selling’. Here you will learn a process and its specific order to make sure that you are prepared for and executing your sales presentations properly. The first two segments guide you to establish the foundation of our last element, ‘Relationship Selling’. The ‘Relationship Selling’ component focuses on relating to the prospect, discovering what is important, advocating what you discovered, and finally supporting it.


Separately, these courses will improve your skills in the specific areas they focus on, but together, these disciplines will escalate your sales comprehension to the next level.



Package Rate – All three courses packaged together – $999.99 (Save $200) 


The Framework of Emotional Competence – $499.99 


Six Elements of Selling – $399.99 


Relationship Selling – $299.99